Why Doodad Does

DoodadDoes began in 2013 as we tried to learn to use a new Arduino board, and became frustrated at the lack of great, understandable online lessons. It seemed it was all endless text or videos full of programmer speak and technological jargon we simply weren’t a party to yet. Daunting for an absolute beginner to the tech.

“If only there were someone to teach us in easy to understand lessons!” We cried.

This rhetorical wish led us to an idea. What if we could help other people learn the things we know? There are people out there who are daunted by the idea of learning about 3d printing, or even Arduino! Should we make awesome videos to help the Uninitiated in a technology make an easier transition to confident User? (Yay, Tron!)

The “Should we?” was a “Certainly, yes!” when we thought about sharing some of the things we really love with people who might do something miraculously cool or even positively genius with the information. We truly believe that awesome things happen in the home workshop of brilliant and creative people because genius isn’t the prerogative of corporations or research institutions, it’s the proper right of earthlings.

Andrew ‘Bunnie’ Huang, author of Hacking the X-Box, says “In the beginning, a hacker was someone who worked passionately for the sake of curiosity and exploration.” We at doodadDoes believe wholeheartedly in encouraging the curiosity and exploration of earthlings. We like to hack our 3D printer, our lives, jobs and our children’s education. (For more on this idea, see Logan LaPlante’s TEDx talk.)

We started this business with this passionate desire to see people learn, discover, and do amazing things with the technologies we love. If there’s any way we can help you on your journey into the wonderful world of inventing gadgets and doodads with a 3d printer or an Arduino, just email me, Julie, or Isaac here at doodadDoes. We would love to help you along that road.

by Julie